10 Practical tips on worship leading

10 Practical tips on worship leading

1. Connect With People Before & After The Service

I believe one of the most important parts of a service for a worship leader is before and after the meeting. This is where we make connections with people and build relationship with our congregations. If you can build relationship off the stage, you will have it with the congregation when you’re on the stage.

2. Start Strong, Be Bold  

The first 30 seconds of a worship set lays a foundation and sets the tone for the rest of the meeting. If you start timid and are unsure of yourself, the rest of the set will most probably represent that. As soon as you set your foot on that stage, ‘step into it’ and be bold.

3. Play & Sing With Conviction

Sing and play the song as if you wrote it. If you have to study the lyrics, do so. The Bible says that God is looking for worshipers who worship Him in spirit and in truth. There has got to be truth and conviction behind what we are singing about.  

4. Only Speak If You’ve Got Something To Say

If you feel from God you have something to encourage the church in, great! But you have to be careful that you aren’t filling spaces that God should be filling just because you think you need to say something.  

5. Speak Confidently & Clearly  

Following on from my previous point, when you do say something, make sure you speak confidently and clearly. Be sensitive to the moment but at the same time don’t hold back or be timid. Say it!

6. Be Mindful Of How Much You Close Your Eyes

The heart behind this is about staying engaged with where the congregation is at. The stage isn’t the place for our own personal worship time. The stage is about us leading others in worship while connecting to God ourselves. We need to stay aware of where the meeting and people are at.

7. Lead People But Don’t Over Do It  

Be mindful of how many times you say phrases like “lift your hands” and “Sing this out”. You can start to sound like a broken record if you keep repeating yourself. People will disengage if they feel as though the worship is being pushed or forced upon them.

8. Have Stage Presence

Now this is going to be different for everyone, but we’ve all got to have some level of stage presence. Passion is contagious and we can’t expect our congregations to ‘get into it’ if we aren’t into it ourselves. Lead by example.

9. Don’t Be So Serious – Smile

Worship is something to be enjoyed and worship is a celebration of the character & goodness of God. It is meant to be liberating. Our expression should show this. Relax, enjoy yourself and smile.

10. Embrace Feedback

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, there’s always room for improvement. Listen and watch yourself back and ask your pastors and leaders for feedback. Embrace it, even that which you might not agree with. The teachable person will always go the furthest.

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